L100 #96 Leibnitz Mtns

Best web links:  http://www.lpod.org/LPOD-2004-09-29.htm



17th Dec 2005

South up view.

View from above...

leibnitz_warp.jpg (40371 bytes)

16th Dec 2005  22:00 UTC

LX-200 10" @ f20, composite image covering approx 2.5 times a single frame view. Resized to approx 50%.


Displayed as SOUTH up - just seems to look better than my normal North up standard!

This image shows quite a bit more beyond the LPOD image (link above). Mountains M1 and M3 (15 - 25,000 ft) are the ones casting the large shadows. The peaks on the edge itself are M4 and M5 (30,000ft).


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