ISS Observations

Animation strip from 25th May pass

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Use the above links to view the photo gallery of ISS images and related info. If you just want to check what's new use the Gallery Viewer which will default to the latest images. Also check the MIR pages for more info on equipment and image processing.

Also be sure to try the new virtual reality simulation of the ISS passes on Phil's web site.

Advanced image processing now available as DivX5 encoded AVI files
You will need to install DivX 5 or later codec to view these

As a sample here is a frame from the 25th May pass, resolution and exposure here is good enough to show the separation (circa 4.5m) in the main solar panel array.

14th Dec 2001. Shuttle Endeavour STS-108 docked to ISS. The main panels are almost edge on - hence very dim


This image (25th May 2001) shows detail in the Thermal Control System (TCS) panels - these panels are a concertina construction and you can see three shadows across the panel just below the main solar cells. Also visible lower right on the end of the main body are the Destiny lab and the Canada robot arm.

A short extract from the full 7th June evening pass showing the flare from the main P6 solar array as the ISS recedes over Europe.


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