14th April 2005


jup_030318_3moons.jpg (4993 bytes) 18th March 2003  21:30 UTC
Jupiter with Red spot, and Io, Europa & Ganymede in order from the planet outwards.
DivX avi animation from 15th March 2003 Ganymede eclipsed by Callisto

wpe1.gif (7300 bytes)

March 2003 - Jupiter's Moons - Mutual events
Roughly every 6 years the orbits of the four bright moons are nearly edge on to our view and the satellites can be seen going behind or in front of each other. These animations and light curves show some of those events.
2nd March 2003 
ToUCam. LX-200 + Televue x2 Barlow. Approx 150 frames.

Freshly collimated telescope!
5th Feb 2003 20:39 UTC
ToUCam + IR filter. LX-200 + Meade Barlow f20. 1/25 Gain 30% Sat 75%
Approx 200 frames processed in Registax. 50% resize of final image

Still significant aberration problems I think due to poor telescope collimation and use of a cheap Barlow.
Link to animation 7th Jan 2003 21:50 UTC
Animation of GRS transit. DivX format - click on link to run the movie. Divx Codec available at www.divx.com

Philips ToUCam, 100 frames taken every 5 minutes from 21:51 to 23:31 UTC. Processing in Registax and Jasc Animation Shop.   LX-200 @ f10
7th Jan 2003   04:29 UTC
LX-200 + Meade barlow f20  210 frames.  1/25th, Gain 25%, Gamma 0%, Sat 100%, bright 30% 10fps. Ambient temp -2 degC
Registax: Wavelets: Linear Initial 3 Step 0. 1-1 2-1 3-4.5 4-7.3 5-11.4 6-20  C:96  B:-9
Final image 50% resize & sharpen in Paintshop Pro
jupiter_etx70_composite_021111.jpg (20206 bytes) 11-Nov-02 07:00 UTC    Composite image of Jupiter & four satellites
Philips Vesta 675 Unmodified
ETX-70AT, 2x Barlow

This Vesta 675 image is a composite of a long exposure (1/25th, 15fps, no Barlow) for the satellites and short exposure (1/250th ?, 15fps, 2x Barlow) for the disc. Stacks of about 200 frames were processed in Registax and Paintshop Pro 7.

26-Jan-02 approx 17:57UTC

Grazing occultation of Jupiter observed with 10" LX-200 - first light for the telescope on its new pier! Click on the picture to view the pages detailing this event - including a FULL ANIMATION!


26th Nov 2001
Philips Vesta 675 unmodified
10" LX-200 at F10, 2x Barlow

151 frames @ 320x240 stacked in Astrostack, 2x resample, Unsharp mask 10, LR deconv 1
Final image resized to 50%
9th Nov 2001
Philips Vesta 675 unmodified
10" LX-200 at F6.3 prime focus

34 frames @ 640x480 stacked in Astrostack, 2x resample, Unsharp mask 4, LR deconv 2
Final image resized to 50%

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