Lacrosse 5 images from 26th Mar 07 20:05 UTC    Stack of 42 frames. Distance between centres of the two parts of the satellite = 90ft

Lacrosse 2 images from 13th Nov 05 18:16 UTC

LX-200 10" @f20, ToUCam. Automatic tracking

Typical sharpest raw frame at around closest approach

Stack of 130 frames enlarged x2

Stack of 19 sharpest frames x2

Image scale is 0.2 arcsec/pixel

Estimated dimensions are 26m across the satellite and 22m top to bottom. The golden coloured section in the right hand image is approx 15x15m

These are somewhat smaller than the dimensions from Phil's images

This image is said to be of a Lacrosse satellite under construction (although this may not be correct - see links below). Working from the size of the people I estimate the length at 11m.

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