Mars 2005 Mars 2003

Mars Map 2005 - work in progress 2/12/05

produced from observations Oct-Nov 2005

LX-200 10" @f20, postprocessing in Registax and PlanetMap.

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Tom Matheson


 Mars Rotation AVI in DivX format (234kB)  
You will need a V5 or later DivX codec to play this file

As featured on Sky at Night September 2003


Mars Rotation Animation 2003
This is a work in progress - currently (25/8/03) it spans CM 24 to 204.  Processing is in Registax V1 & V2 and I have a lot of further work to complete to get the best results from the raw frames.
Best 2003 images:

CM 324  

29th/30th August 2003
Images from 22:10 to 01:10 UTC
CM 285 - 329 25.1"

Centre picture is a simulation from CalSky

Right hand picture is the Hubble image on the night of opposition.


CM 251



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