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At the beginning of January 2001 we were reading about the imminent demise of the MIR space station and, inspired by pictures from the Boston observatory taken in 1995, set ourselves the goal of obtaining a photograph of MIR before it was brought down from orbit. This page shows our results.

Observation location: Altrincham, near Manchester UK (53.4 N  2.4 W)

Range when this frame captured (closest approach) = 317 km
Elevation:  53    Azimuth: 181
Altitude:    254 km over Gloucester, UK
Orbital velocity: 26,000 km/hr

Frame orientation: as viewed by naked eye, MIR transiting from right to left
Image processing: Maximum Entropy Deconvolution
Image Resolution: MIR x-axis (Progress, Kvant & core module) overall length 30m = approx 20 arcseconds.

MIR configuration: Progress module docked on X+ axis, station unmanned i.e. no Soyuz craft docked on X- axis.

Click on the thumbnail image for a full page diagram of MIR in the same orientation as our picture.

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Image Analysis Image Processing MIR Diagram

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