Here is a list of the various TV and magazine publications of my work...

*** Winner *** QCUIAG May 2005 challenge  

 ISS imaging: Interview on The Sky at Night Star Party April 2005

Planetwarp software on LPOD Dec 2004

The Grazing Occultation of Jupiter was featured as "Lunar Picture of the Day"  Aug 2004

The whole occultation animation (DivX format) is now available for download here

Mars Rotation AVI in DivX format (234kB)  featured on Sky at Night September 2003

New page with highlights of the BBC All Night Star Party

     JupiterGraze.jpg (19758 bytes)    The image of the Jupiter grazing occultation was a finalist for the Sky at Night photo competition! 
Results: 3rd place - thanks to everyone who voted.
The December 2002 Sky & Telescope magazine featured a 7-page article all about imaging of the ISS, this included a number of pictures from Phil Masding and myself

December 2001 

December 2001 edition

August 2001 Picture Gallery

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