Remote Imaging

This page shows my best results from the reception of weather satellite pictures direct from the satellites as they pass overhead in low-earth orbit. This activity has taken a back seat for the past few years since the advent of easily available high-resoltuion (HRPT) images on the internet in almost real-time.  For an excellent selection of Wx sat pictures try the Dundee site

My receiving equipment for these pictures consisted of the following (1996) :-

bulletCrossed dipole antenna
bullet137MHz Timestep preamp
bulletMartelec MSR50 receiver
bulletMartelec JVF1 interface
bulletPentium Overdrive (83MHz) based PC
bulletJVFAX V7.0 software

METEOR images - click on thumbnail for full size image

Southern Rhein valley Image info: Meteor 2-21 on 30th May 96 at 08:12 UTC. This image is a greatly enlarged portion of the whole satellite pass and shows the Southern Rhein valley in Germany. The bright areas are sun-glint from the rivers.

NOAA images - click on thumbnail for full size image

FIF image of Northern Italy & the Alps Image info: NOAA14 on 24th May 96 at 12:56 UTC. This is an enlarged section of the visible spectrum image showing Northern Italy and the Alps.
FIF image of the Mediterranean Image info: NOAA14 on 25th May 96 at 12:58 UTC. This image of the Mediterranean has been tidied up using Paintshop Pro to remove interference during reception and to improve the contrast. The resolution is very good on this image, for example, the islands of Malta and Gozo are clearly visible (for reference Gozo is about 8 miles by 6 miles in size).
Image info: NOAA14 on 16th July 96 at 13:41 UTC. This is a visible spectrum image of the UK & Ireland.
Image info: NOAA14 on 17th July 96 at 13:27 UTC. An Infra Red image of the UK in false colour. This image shows the hot city centres across the UK particularly well. It is part of a very clear IR image stretching from Northern Africa to Iceland. Unfortunately I only have space on my web pages for a small part of the whole image.
Image info: NOAA14 on 13th July 96 at 15:54 UTC. A visible image showing Newfoundland. This is the furthest west that I have been able to receive as a clear image. This one is especially for Ken - Hi! Hi!


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