The Sun

Observing equipment: ETX-70AT, Scopetronix Solar filter, 40mm eyepiece, Scopetronix Digi-T adapter
Camera: Canon MV650 DV Camcorder, Registax2 image processing.
Presentation: Most recent images are rotated to match the view as presented on the SOHO satellite images

Size comparison: In the some of the following frames I've included markers showing the approximate size comparison to Jupiter (orange disc) and Earth (blue disc).

29th October 2003 10:15 UTC
1/250, shot through clouds

Close up images to follow

28th October 2003 08:10 UTC
1/500, shot through thin morning layered clouds

Close up images to follow

27th October 2003 10:00 UTC
1/500 various AE setting adjustments tried but found the best was AE 0. The remarkable circular group (488) had appeared about 12 hours before these images.


26th October 2003 09:10 UTC
1/1000, IR filter best 100 frames from 300


24th October 2003 11:24 UTC
Two massive sunspot groups 484 & 486. Approx 400 frames each image, 40mm EP and no IR filter

6th July 2003
After a frustrating day with no breaks in the cloud the sun eventually broke through but by then was only about 30 deg above the horizon, seeing was poor through the smoke of next doors bonfire!

These images are each about 400 frame stacks taken with the MV650i/ETX-70 combination. The closeup of Group 375 was taken with the Camcorder on maximum zoom, unfortunately the focus was not spot on which the processing can never compensate for. As a comparison the second (coloured) picture from shows the groups detail.



sun_030626.jpg (12931 bytes) 26th June 2003
Tried to capture an ISS solar transit but clouds intervened at the critical moment. Had to settle for this full disk image - a stack of approx 400 frames captured from digital video.
MV650i on 40mm Meade Plossel eyepiece.
sun_030622.jpg (13238 bytes) 22nd June 2003
New equipment setup - Canon MV650i DV camera on 32mm Plossel eypiece using a Digi-T adpter. 134 frames stacked in Registax.
030302_group0296.jpg (21457 bytes)   030302_whole.jpg (17281 bytes) 3rd March 2003   Active region 296
ToUCam at prime focus and with 2x Barlow
sun_030105_group_h.jpg (12588 bytes)  sun_030105_disk.jpg (39548 bytes) 5th Jan 2003
ToUCam at prime focus and with 2x Barlow

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