VRML Simulator

The simulator allows the appearance of the ISS (or in fact any satellite ) to be predicted as it will be seen from any point on Earth at a particular time. The maths behind the code was developed by Phil Masding and once the user has specified various parameters such as location, time, orbital elements of the satellite etc. it will generate VRML (Virtual Reality Modelling Language) code which may be viewed in an internet browser with a suitable plug-in such as Cosmo Player.

February-2003: V3.0 is now released which adds support for the ISS P1 truss, VRML time controls, picture matching, The Moon, rotating Earth and much more!

Download V3.0 here (857kB)

Addition notes about the simulator are available  here

Screenshots (V2.0) - click on thumbnail for full size picture:- 

Main Menu
SimulatorMenu1.jpg (100500 bytes)
Simulation of ISS + Space Shuttle
ISSEndeavourSimulation.jpg (45228 bytes)

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