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7-Jun-01 Changing attitude of ISS during an evening pass & solar panel flare

Welcome to my homepages which contain some results of my combined hobbies of Astronomy, Amateur Radio, Satellite tracking and Remote Imaging. The drop down menus at the top of each page allow you to navigate the site. 

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June 2007

12-Jun-07  21:11 UTC  This series of 35 frame stack images shows the Shuttle Atlantis docked (centre, right) and the newly installed and deployed S4 solar arrays (bottom of frame). In the first image there is a flare from the solar panels of the Progress vehicle. The main solar arrays have been taken out of alignment with the sun so they are not all seen at the same angle.

Video of the whole pass (click to play)


10-Jun-07 22:06 UTC. Stack of 35 frames.  Taken just a couple of hours after Atlantis docked to the ISS delivering the S3/S4 truss segments. At the time of this image the shuttle arm had grasped the arrays in the payload pay.
9-Jun-07 21:45 UTC. Stack of 30 frames.
October 2006

27-Oct-06 17:58 UTC. Stack of 30 frames. Clearly shown at the top of the frame are the new solar panels. The old P6 panels are edge on so not seen. The lower left hand panel is seen partly in shadow from the P3/P4 truss.


September 2006

Latest ISS images post STS-115 construction...   NASA image for comparison


The new arrays are visible in this shot which can be compared with the NASA image taken from the shuttle at almost the same orientation


Dec 2005 - PlanetWarp V2 is now available  

Recent Lunar 100 additions:  L72 Atlas , L85 Langrenus rays , L96 Leibnitz Mountains also Apollo 17 page and Shadow measurement of Mt. Biot  

Pictures of Lacrosse 2 satellite

ongoing work...  Mars observations & map


25-May-01 ISS main solar array shows it's golden colour during an early morning pass

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